15 Ways to Pay it Forward

Showing Kindness to others is one of the easiest things that we can do yet its one of the least used, so what are some ways that we can pay it forward to those in our community?

#1 Birthday or Xmas

For a change this year instead of receiving gifts why not request a donation to be made to your favorite cause.

#2 Donate

We all know about donating our unwanted possessions to charity stores but start thinking outside the square giving unwanted books to libraries or schools, unused craft items to daycare centers or unwanted food to local food banks.

#3 Offer your services for free

Is there something you are good at? Maybe you are good at cake making, cleaning, accounts and book-work or driving. Can you use those skills to give someone else a helping hand.

#4 Encourage Strangers

This one can be fun to get the kids involved write some encouraging little notes and leave them to be found (inside a library book, bathroom, coffee shop, letter box) it could really brighten someones day when found.

#5 Visit the Elderly

This is perfect to get the kids involved my son loves writing and delivering Xmas cards to the elderly, just spend some time with them and listen to their stories it means the world to them and you might just learn something to.

#6 Take a Photo

If you see a family out and about or a single mum or dad, offer to take their photo its a simple gesture but it can mean the world.

#7 Be Kind to those in Retail

Especially during those busy times including Xmas, they are just doing their job and a little kindness goes a long way.

#8 Be Kind to Other Drivers

Everyone is in a rush these days, just for once let that car go in front of you or give them a friendly wave.

#9 Clean Up

If you see rubbish on the ground, at the beach or in our waterways simply pick it up and place it in the bin we all live here and its our responsibility to look after our planet.

#10 Let people go in front of you

If your purchasing a lot and the person behind you only has a few items let them go in front of you it wont add a huge amount of time to your day.

#11 Reviews

If someone has done a fantastic job let them know, write a review on their website, google review or just email them and let them know always praise a job well done.

#12 Make a Phone Call

Pick up the phone and call someone you have not spoken to in awhile, let them know they are in your thoughts.

#13 Pay for someones coffee

Next time you are ordering a coffee pay for an extra one for the person behind you or just for someone who doesn't have enough money.

#14 Offer to Help

Do you know someone who is struggling, offer to babysit, clean, cook, listen or whatever it is with zero judgement

#15 Walk Dogs

There are so many rescue organisations and pounds that would appreciate dog walkers and you get some physical exercise to


There are some quick and easy ways you can pay it forward in your community there are hundreds of ways to be kind, remember you might not change the world but you can change a persons perspective of the world.






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