20 Ideas for Kids Stuck in Lockdown

So here we are again, it seams its just a fact of life lately in and out of lock-down plans up in the air and kids making you feel the need to drink early.

Kids pick up on our vibes, so if we stress about lock-down the more they will stress and the more they will want constant attention. I am one of these mum's who loves to plan I plan the holidays in advance I know what we are doing every day which obviously change with lock-downs and I have to think on my feet but I always have a go to list of activities to keep my monkey occupied and have screen free time.


1. Rock Painting - Then use your exercise time to place them around the neighborhood to put smiles on faces

2. Make Robots - you can literally use anything, toilet paper rolls, pipe cleaners, boxes, pom poms  

3. Board Games - Teach your child a new game, make up rules for existing games or combine two games into one.

4. Scavenger Hunt - Write out a list of items they have to find on your daily walk (leaf, flower, flat rock ect) it makes your walk more exciting and gives them something to do for 30 minutes or so

5. Teach mindfulness - Lock-down is the perfect time to slow down and take it easy and also the perfect time to put on a mindfulness / meditation track or even go through a kids yoga session.

6. Baking - Teach your child to bake or even to cook dinner most kids love to help out in the kitchen.

7. Write and Act out a play / skit - get their imaginations going with creating an play or skit then put on a show for you or your partner.

8. Build a Fortress - My 9 year old son still loves doing this, build a hut all you need is some chairs and blankets and it becomes hours of fun

9. Go on an adventure in the backyard - How many insects can you spot, can you find a four leaf clover, find the tallest tree can you climb it?, How big is the backyard (grab the measuring tape great for measurement learning), How fast can you run around the backyard. 

10. Set up an obstacle course - Use what you have chairs, hula hoops, cushions ect

11. Sidewalk Drawing - Using chalk head out the sidewalk and draw some artwork to make people smile as they walk past

12. Painting - Grab the paints but make it interesting using different objects to spread the paint, leaves, sponges, spoons, forks there are so many different things you can use to make great patterns

13. Flower Pressing - Always a good one head out on a walk and grab some pretty flowers and interesting leaves put them between two sheets of baking paper and a couple of heavy books leave for a week or so then open it up they are great to use to make cards for others.

14. Choose a Subject - Choose a subject to learn about does your child love insects or firefighters, princesses or car racing drivers. Choose one and google information create a whole day based around their interests into insects create a bug breakfast (ie green pancakes) print out some bug colouring in pictures, create a bug word search, explore the backyard for bugs. For any subject your child is interested in try your hand at planning a day based around that subject.

15. Camping - Ok so I am well aware we can't actually go camping during a lock-down but a cheap $20 Kmart tent put up in the backyard = hours of fun if not days it can be a hideout base, a princess castle or just a little getaway. Its not only fun but lets them be outside in the fresh air.

16. Mining - This is a fun one in our house you can get a bucket of sand / Soil whatever you have on hand hide some special stones, crystals, toys that wont get damaged and get them to mine them, alternatively same thing except with Ice get some waterproof toys and freeze them over night the next day give them a hammer and let them go for it to free their toys.

17. Water Play - yes it may be winter but kids of all ages love water (make sure its supervised for smaller children) get a few bowls fill with water a few drops of food colouring put outside with a variety of instruments such as spoons, egg cups, sieves ect and let them have fun.Afterwards pop them into a nice warm bubble bath.

18. Movies and Cuddles - Sometimes all they want to be is close to you so enjoy it put the housework off for a few hours and enjoy some quiet time and a family movie.

19. Treasure Hunt - Similar to a scavenger hunt except you hide the treasure which could be anything (chocolate, toy, a voucher for a special day) then write a series of clues they have to follow to locate the treasure

20. Finally just enjoy it read with them, get down and play with them, embrace and cuddle them. This is your opportunity to slow down and to enjoy the time you have with them, housework can wait till tomorrow they are only young once.

I know lockdown life can be stressful but with kindness, compassion and understanding we will all get through it.



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