5 Things to be grateful for today


Sometimes its difficult when life throws curve balls at us, its hard to see through all the negative to find something positive about our life. But when you push through all the negative to the other side life starts to look a little better and a little brighter.

Something I practice everyday is gratitude, I like to be thankful for what I have not what I don't have and being thankful brings more of what you love into your life.

If you are unsure where to start  here are 5 reasons to be thankful everyday. Start incorporating thanks into your life and see how much brighter the world can be around you.

Your Health

Now some of you may be thinking, but my legs ache or I have back problems. Or maybe your in the hospital or even lost the use of your legs. I'll tell you why you have to be thankful two words - Your breathing. That's right as long as your heart is still pumping blood and your lungs are still working then you can be grateful because we know what the alternative is. Everyday if you wake up you have a reason to be grateful its another day to accomplish what you want to do. Its another day to spend with those you love, Its another day to see the sun shine or hear the rain on the roof be grateful for the here and now.

Your Clothes

Now you might not have the latest fashion, you maybe wearing op shop finds or hand me downs. But if you are wearing clothes then be thankful. Unless you are a nudiest (In which case I totally applaud you but also wonder how you go in winter) Your clothes are what keep you warm, your clothes protect your body from the elements. It is so simple but be thankful you have something to put on in the morning sure it might not be the hippest new trends out but having the option to put something on before you go out is definately a reason to be grateful.


If you were able to put something in your mouth today consider yourself lucky. I don't care if it was a piece of bread with butter on it or a 3 course meal. You could eat takeaways or eat wholefoods it doesn't matter. What matters is if you were able to sustain your body with food be thankful whatever you ate YOU ATE.

A roof over your head

Now unless you are homeless on the street most people have some form of roof over their heads could be a beach house, or a car. It could be a house in suburbia or a friends couch. If you were able to sleep somewhere away from the elements last night you have a reason to be grateful.

And lastly PEOPLE

I know what you might be thinking why should I be grateful for people they always let me down or the have abandoned me in my time of need. I am talking about The rubbish man who collects your rubbish, Your child who wraps his/her arms around you at the end of a long day, Your doctor who cares for your health, The shop assistant who smiled at you when you brought mile. People are all around you kind people, people who assist you in your time of need, people who say a kind word just when you needed to hear it and people who love you. Be grateful for those whom are in your life which makes it just that little bit brighter.


Once you start being thankful for the small things, you will find plenty more opportunities to be thankful, if your stuck our Gratitude Journal can help you find more gratitude and balance in your life.


Graitude Boxbe Box


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