5 ways to overcome procrastination

Procrastination is one of the biggest killers of dreams, I have struggled with procrastination for most of my life and to be honest there is no quick fix no magic pill you can take and you will become the most organised person on the planet believe me if there was I would've taken it a long time ago.

To combat procrastination takes practice think of it like improving your fitness you have to do a bit every day to take one step further towards your goal.

If you are struggling with procrastination then these 5 steps are simple things you can do to help overcome that slump. Remember doing these things once will not change your life but doing them consistently can.



When we are in our procrastination slump things can overwhelm us, we think we have to send and email but then we look at the computer and realize we should tidy the desk, then we realize there are unpaid bills, then we remember the washing needs to be hung out and before you no it you have a million things running through your head that your exhausted without actually doing anything.

So choose one thing don't get distracted and nominate an amount of time to that task weather that be 5 / 10 or 30 minutes but just do that one task.

Remember getting started is the hardest step.



Break down bigger tasks into small manageable chunks, I like to use a checklist system where I write the tasks (yes I am still big on writing the old school way) and check them off kind of like a to do list I suppose. Others like to use color and lots of it, or you could even try mind mapping where you write your big task in the center of the paper and use branches coming out of it where you break it down into smaller manageable chunks. The key is to break down big tasks like for example clean the house into smaller chunks such as vacuum, wash floors, make the bed ect ect then bite of those smaller chunks you will feel less overwhelmed than trying to tackle the big task at once.



You know what I am talking about, Facebook, twitter, Instagram, email ect those ones where you think "oh i am just going to check this one notification" and 2 hours later your still on there and wondering where the time went.

Put your mobile phone on silent, turn off notifications even put a note on your front door do whatever you can to ensure you are focusing on exactly what you need to be focusing on right now.


STEP #4 


Set a reward it could be something simple as after I complete this task I will make a coffee, go for a walk, read a chapter of my book, check Facebook or Instagram. Whatever it is you will find you are way more inclined to complete the task at hand if you have a reward when you complete it. I think to my sons school for example after a test or an assessment they get to go play or have some free time the same works for adults everyone loves a reward based system so find a reward that works for you.




Find a way to make yourself accountable, set a deadline or tell someone who will hold you accountable. Make your intentions what you want to do for the day clear but also make sure they are realistic. Hold yourself accountable in a way that works for you.


Remember doing this once wont change your life, your mind is a muscle you have to continue to work at it to build it big and strong so it becomes like second nature. It takes approximately 30 days of doing the same thing every day to become a habit let beating procrastination become your habit.


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