5 Ways to start your day right.

I always try to start each and every day of in a positive mindset, does it always work NO of course not things happen, stresses arise and somethings you just can't control but I find if I do these five things then I have altered my mindset to be able to cope with whatever life throws at me.

So here are my 5 tips to start your day right.

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#1 Take 5 minutes

First and foremost I usually set my alarm to before my child wakes up, I like to take 5 minutes to focus on my breathing it may sound silly but it really can help put you in a sense of calmness. Count your breaths breathe in for 5 hold for 5 out for 5 and do this 5 x. Try and create stillness in your mind.

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# 2 Have a glass of water

Now this I have struggled with in the past the first thing I want in the morning is coffee not water, but when I do have a glass of water in the morning prior to my morning coffee it wakes up your brain, re-hydrates you after not drinking for 8 hours (less if you have children) and increases your level of alertness.

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# 3 Open an affirmation card

As you will probably be aware I am big on affirmation cards, but just something as simple as reading a positive quote can shift your mindset from one of pessimistic feelings to one of positivity.

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#4 Write down 5 things I am grateful for

This only takes probably 2 minutes max I use my gratitude journal and I list the top 5 things that come to my mind about what I am thankful for. This brings me into a state of gratitude.

Fresh Air - Boxbe Box

#5 Breathe in some fresh air

Stand outside if only for 2 minutes and breathe in the crisp cool morning air, recenter yourself and your mind and you are now ready to tackle the day whatever life throws at you.


These are my top 5 tips on how I start my day of right, how about you what do you do that brings you inner peace first thing in the morning?




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