Product Highlight - Dads can do anything

Its hard enough coming up with a gift for a dad let alone an inspiring gift that a dad will treasure but this book is all that.

Dad Can Do Anything is a beautiful book by compendium and this book is able to be illustrated from its cover to its last page by children.

On the inside cover you have plenty of information to fill in to remind you of who, what, where and when this book was made.

This allows the children to really think about their dad and why he and their family is great.

The book then continues on with the story with each page having a huge blank white illustration area for the children to complete.


With phrases such as " This is my dad" and Last time we were camping two bears came to pick blueberries too"

This book is a complete story in which children are the illustrators.

This book makes a wonderful keepsake gift for any father.


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