Top 5 (non technology based) gift ideas for kids

Now I totally get it technology is all around us these days and I have an 8 just about 9 year old who loves you tube and Minecraft, and has requested a Nintendo switch for his birthday.

Technology is great it makes our life easier we get a bit of me time especially when the kids are on school holidays.

But when it comes to purchasing gifts and you want to steer away from the usual computer games or consoles what do you do. When they are little its easier they love their toys dolls or cars or even a cardboard box, But as they get older it gets more complicated as most of the stuff they are into is all technology based.

My sons list comprised of 90% technology based gifts and then there was a BIRD like seriously kiddo your not getting a bird, I mean he lost interest in the fish he was desperate to have after 1 week and mum got stuck with them for the next 2 years.

Now I am like any mum I do purchase him technology based gifts because that's what he's into and I have zero problems doing that BUT I do make sure he gets a combination of gifts and at least 50% are NOT technology based but more for using his imagination and physical exercise.

Here is my Top 5 go to gifts that are not technology based.



I know books sound boring especially if the kids are not highly into reading, My boy is a very good reader but to get him interested in sitting down and actually reading a book is like pulling teeth. So I had to find books that he was interested in and at the moment he loves Minecraft, so I found a entire series of Minecraft books and every birthday and Christmas we purchase a few more to add to his collection. He also loves science so I find simple science experiment books that might peek his interest. Its all about finding out what they enjoy and seeing if you can get books that appeal to that interest if your child loves fortnight there are fortnight books our there. Or what about animals, craft, drawing? There are so many options when it comes to books and something that's overlooked especially if the child is not a reader as such. Appeal to their interests and you will have much more success.



Now  we have a pool so it makes life a little easier he always gets pool toys in his Santa sack, But even if you don't have a pool outdoor toys are the best and it promotes a healthy lifestyle. Scooters, Bikes, Roller-skates, Balls, Trampolines, Skipping Ropes are all great gifts. Or mix it up and get a family outdoor game like Petanque or Croquet something you can play together as a family. You can even go further and get them a small tent to encourage backyard play or a small sandpit. If you go for a bigger option think cubby house or monkey bars are always a winner. But even something as small as a Kite or a model plane can bring hours of fun with no technology in sight.



Now as kids get older the likelihood that they want to sit down and craft with you becomes less and less but craft is not just about painting and playdough there are so many other options. If your child is into science why not get them a science set, If they love crystals a crystal dig set could be a winner. What about clay so they can use their own imagination to create an alien from another planet? Do they love to draw why not get them a how to draw book with artist paper and pencils. Do they love comics then get them a make your own comic book. Its all about using their interests to guide you. Craft is a whole range of things woodwork, Paint, Playdough, clay, robot building think outside the square.



Board games are always on our Christmas shopping list we always try to grab one or two more. They are perfect for a rainy day, sometimes the kids want to play other times they don't and that's ok but we try to encourage family time and I get games I know he will love. Kids love games like Pie Face or Soggy Doggy games that make a mess. I find boys love games like battle ship and not only are they great for a rainy day but they are also good for using your brain a lot of games require some thought about them like Cluedo (the kids version is great) or the game of life. As they get older getting them a pack of cards and introducing them to simple games first like last card and then games they can play on their own like solitaire. 



Outings is a great gift to get, getting tickets to an event they have been wanting to see, a Theme park they are eager to attend or just a dinner out to their favourite restaurant. Sometimes we don't have to gift material objects instead gifting our time is much more valuable. 



Those are the 5 categories I like to try and fill every birthday and Christmas, Just think outside the square, gauge their interests and then you will find things to match. Its not about getting rid of technology its about finding balance between the two and getting gifts that increase their imagination and physical health.

I love technology it gives me a break at times but I am also very conscious about fulfilling his days with activities that get him away from technology also.

I hope this helps and if you have anymore suggestions please comment below.




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