This beautiful gift box is unisex so just perfect for a gender reveal or a baby shower.

All the products in this book are such high quality and in a stunning grey and white tones.

Hello Little One Baby Book

This book is by Compendium and is honestly the best baby book I have seen for such a long time, I'm slightly jealous I did not know about this when my son was younger. The illustrations are just beautiful of animals and in nice pastel colours.

It has all of your regular baby book sections plus so many extra's such as how your parents met an why they decided to have you. Moving on there are sections that include who the president was, what was on the news and the price of everyday items.

You've also got a place to store your first haircut. Over all this book is just filled with love it is also sprinkled with beautiful quotations throughout.


White Scribble Star Blanket

This blanket is cotton and a large size it is 75 x 100cm it is a classic grey and white so would suit any little one. It is from ES Kids.

Bunny Rattle

This rattle from ES Kids is perfect for little hands it is in the classic grey and white colours which suit any décor.

Baby Socks

Oh how I love little baby feet so small and delicate. These grey and white baby socks suit 0-6 months age.

Size 000 Baby Singlet

This gorgeous baby singlet from ES Kids will go with any outfit in classic white and grey with a scribble star design.


The Arlo Gift Box is perfect for any expecting mother it is Classic yet Soft and Special.

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