HI and welcome to our website Boxbe Box, I thought I would just take a minute to tell you about myself and the reason behind Boxbe Box. Firstly I am a mother to a lively young boy who's school aged and is my whole world, becoming a mother was pretty much the best moment of my life and our boy was born through the wonders of IVF and I am so grateful we got the chance to become parents. I am a wife to an amazing husband we have been married for many years and he is most definitely my rock, he is so supportive and is such a hard worker I am blessed to have him by myside in this life.

We live in sunny Queensland Australia 1/2 way between Brisbane and the Gold Coast in which we love, we love the weather, the people and our home.

I have a dog called Mojo who was a pound rescue and the most loving dog ever I am a big advocate for rescue animals. I also have a cat called Carlito who is elderly but still ticking on none the less.

My hobbies include organising (I love to organise everything and I am super big on list writing), going to the beach and spending quality time with my family. We also love to travel and try to do an overseas trip once a year.

Boxbe Box became my second baby in 2019 I started boxbe box because of two reasons the first is the fact I love to gift, My family will tell you that I am the over the top person who turns up with a carload of gifts. I once turned up with a car full of balloons at Christmas. I love to shop and put together gifts in a thoughtful way.

My second reason is because I have family that reside in a different country so purchasing gifts was always a challenge having to purchase the gift, come home, package the gift and then go out and post the gift I figured there must be an easier way. So I looked into gift hampers but what I found was most gift hampers included alcohol and/or food based products, what I was looking for was an actual gift something that could be used and loved. 

So I came up with the idea of Boxbe Box where you can select one of our ready made boxes or design your own. All our products are chosen with love and tested to ensure that they are just perfect. 

So I hope that has given you some insight into who I am and what I do and why I do what I do. Feel free to follow us on Instagram and Facebook and sign up to our newsletter to get exclusive discounts.

Glad to have you along on the journey


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