My Story

About Amy Boyd Creator of Boxbe Box


Hi and welcome,  My name is Amy and I am the owner of Boxbe Box. First and Foremost I am a mother of one active boy who is my entire world. I also have a supportive husband who is my biggest advocate and side kick in life.

I started Boxbe Box because I wanted to be able to send a meaningful gift, most of my family live overseas or interstate and when I looked up gift hampers I found most contained very similar products, a lot of novelty or consumables and alcohol.

When covid hit I saw a need for more meaningful gifts, gifts that would uplift and inspire, rather than gifts that just made you smile for a day this is when Boxbe Box was born.

We are not your average gifting company, we don't fill our boxes with alcohol or novelty items. We research and choose products that have meaning, products that are not only beautiful but practical as well.

I am a big advocate for mental health also, I have lost several people along the way to mental health battles so to me starting a business that inspires and uplifts and motivates someone is the Icing on the cake.

I am also big on customer service, when you contact me you speak to me not some robot. All your gifts are hand packaged to order they don't sit made up in some big warehouse. Any messages are handwritten for that personal touch.

I hope this gives you a bit of insight into me and why I started boxbe box, I look forward to connecting with you through our social media channels on Facebook and Instagram.

Remember you can contact me anytime through our contact us page.