My Story






Being away from loved ones is hard, I feel you because I relocated to this gorgeous country many many years ago, a long way from my immediate and extended family and beloved friends. It was always so hard being so far away especially for significant milestones and the hard times.

I wanted so desperately to send a hug through the mail box but nothing I found could inspire and show how much I cared for the people I loved the most.

I have always loved affirmation cards and self empowerment products, overall I am a very positive person, obviously things still overwhelm at times but I like to look at the world as a cup half full kind of person. When it comes to my loved ones I love to pass on that inspiration and positivity.

Fast forward to today and I have made it my mission to allow anyone to send the gift of inspiration, to have a package designed to be there when you are physically not able to be there.

Boxbe box is not just about gifting (anyone can buy chocolates) its about sending a experience of positivity.