Brands we work with

We choose brands that align with what we are trying to achieve. The brands we work with have similar values to us and we spend alot of time researching and trialing new products before they become part of our boxbe collection. Below are the brands we work with we are constantly updating this list. If you would like to feature your products in our boxes please contact us through our contact us page for more information.

* Ground Pleasures - is a family -owned business located in Ballaarat, Victoria, Australia - with stockists both across Australia and internationally.

* Splosh - all about fostering creativity and positivity and live by our vision of “spreading optimism into the lives of everyday people, every day.”

* Compendium - Compendium has been creating inspiring products for over 30 years.  We design items that are used to celebrate the everyday and the little things in life, but we also ensure that each product makes a wonderful gift for special occasions or big events.

* Koch and Co - Koch & Co is an Australian family owned business and has been a manufacturer & florist supplier for over 90 years

* Life of Cha - Life of Cha is an Australian-based company offering organic and premium grade teas to enhance your health and positivity - the natural way!