10 Things that you can include in a mindful box

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the art of learning how to bring your awareness back to the here and now, it is allowing yourself to be in tune with your body and mind. Mindfulness can allow you to change your mental perspectives on the present and bring you back to what is most important. Mindfulness is a key element when we talk about self care.

So what if someone is struggling and you want to do something to help them, to help them see that the world is and can be beautiful again, you want to send them a gift that incorporates mindfulness what do you put in it? 

Here are 10 items that can go into a mindful box

#1 Gratitude Journal

When we focus on the negative, more negativity tends to surround us, by altering our mental perspective we can change our outlook on life, this is where gratitude comes in. Gratitude is the art of being thankful for what we currently have, looking inside to find what is good within our lives it can be as simple as having clean water to drink, or as large as owning your own home. Getting into a routine of practicing gratitude daily can have a huge impact on your mental well-being.

#2  Affirmation Cards

Affirmation cards are a great way to snap out of a negative space. Read one aloud when you feel alone, upset, angry or frustrated. Let the words sink into your consciousness and take hold. Affirmation Cards can be used anytime during the day, whether you want to wake up and read one to start your day or read one during your nighttime ritual.

#3 Essential Oils

Essential Oils can work wonders on our mental state, take lavender which is a calming scent which can help us relax and calm down, Lemon can help for energy, Jasmine for Alertness or even peppermint can help us feel more motivated. 

#4 Colouring In Books

There are so many adult colouring in books, if you are not one to sit still and meditate, colouring in can help bring you back to that present state. Grab on and give it a go.

#5 Stress Balls or Fidget Toys

These are not just for kids and they are great to have on hand during moments of high anxiety. 

#6 Pamper Products

Some lovely bath salts, shower washes and moisturizers can go along way to calming the mind. Team with your favorite essential oils and relax in the here and now.

#7 Journals

Taking time to write in a journal is a important part of learning the art of mindfulness, if you have not practiced journal writing before I would recommend  a guided journal with prompts that you fill in the answers to, alternatively getting a nice covered journal is a great addition to any mindfulness box.

#8 Pen

A beautiful thought is to include a nice pen in a mindfulness box, a pen that will make journal writing so much more enjoyable, a beautiful pen can make writing a joy not a chore.

#9 Meditation

Either a subscription to a meditation app service, a guided meditation book or even some meditation classes, learning breath-work and mindfulness through meditation can work wonders at changing your mental state.

#10 A beautiful mug

The aim of a mindfulness box is to learn to be still take your time and live in the here and now, a beautiful mug will encourage you to take time out, sit down and breathe.


These are my top things I would include if I was to make the ultimate mindfulness box, you can also include other items such as chocolate, coffee, tea and other consumables depending on the person receiving the box.

Give it a go why don't you put together your own mindfulness box for when you are feeling stressed or anxious.


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