This is a product I can say with certainty I would've loved to receive as an expecting mother. A lot of people give baby books but this book will last throughout the years and offer a great keepsake.

This beautiful book is by Compendium (a personal favourite brand of mine) and has everything you need to create a keepsake of your child's life for 18 years.

Starting at age one and finishing at age 18 every year is filled with prompts to fill in such as

When I look at you I see (Age 1)

These Days you really love (Age 1)

When I see you sleeping I feel ( Age 3)

I love to hear you (Age 4)

I was so proud of you when (Age 6)

Your favourite place to be is (Age 8)

I see myself in you every time you (Age 10)

Somethings you are really gifted at are (Age 14)

I've learned to let you go when (Age 17)

I admire how you (Age 18)

Letters to you baby bookLetters to you baby bookLetters to you baby book

Along with a select section of prompts with space to write for every year of age is another page ready to write a letter to your child.

Letters to you baby bookLetters to you baby book

Imagine the gift you could present to your child on their 18th birthday, wedding or graduation a life time of memories and letters to your child as they grow throughout the years.

Such a thoughtful gift would make the perfect addition to any gift box or on its own.


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